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About Timbery

At Timbery, our mission is to provide quality, easy to operate and maintain products at unbeatable prices.

Affordable Portable Sawmills
Combining more than 35 years of experience in building sawmills, Timbery is dedicated to providing quality and affordable portable sawmills, board edgers, resaws, blades, and blade sharpeners to fit any budget. We understand the purchase of any sawmill equipment is a significant investment for your woodworking hobby or sawmill business. With several brands to choose from, only a select few sawmill companies separate themselves from the field. If you’re sawing for projects or profits, Timbery sawmills can meet your expectations while giving you the capacity and functionality you need at unbeatable prices. Giving you more for less is why affordable sawing starts with Timbery.

Built in the USA
Timbery offers affordable, quality sawmills made in the USA. Period. Some sawmill companies have moved manufacturing off-shore to save costs, but have sacrificed sawmill and cut quality in the process. We believe that you shouldn’t have to choose between an American-built or an affordable sawmill, especially when you can have both with Timbery. With 3 portable sawmill models available starting at $2,995, Timbery offers affordable sawmills built with quality and experience right here in the USA.

Combining 30+ years of experience in building industrial and portable sawmills, Timbery engineering set out to fill a growing need for a sawmill that would:
  • Be less expensive but cut just as well or better
  • Be built in North America
  • Include features and innovations not available anywhere else
  • When you choose Timbery, that experience and innovation translates to higher quality, a clean design, and simple sawing performance every time.
The Bottom Line
Before you make your investment, we suggest comparing our products with the competition. Look beyond the promotional brochures and videos and try the machines yourself. Call a local dealer for a demonstration or look for us at a show.

Affordable sawing starts with Timbery. Check out the products and begin your sawing adventure!
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