E100 Board Edger

The E100 twin-blade edger is an affordable solution for sawmillers to boost productivity.
E100 G14 $5,695
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The E100 is an entry level twin bladed edger that will be a great addition to sawmillers looking to add more production to their current operation. Two circular blades come standard, one is fixed, and the other adjustable. A removable board fence makes it easy to trim boards that already have one straight side. The E100 also breaks down into a compact configuration for shipment.
Edger Blades
Carbide Tipped Blades
Comes standard with two carbide tipped blades.
Blade Adjustment for E100
Easy Blade Adjustment
Easily and precisely adjust the distance between the blades to produce accurately sized timber.
Hold Down Rollers for E100
Hold-Down Rollers
Infeed and outfeed hold-down rollers keep the boards straight during edging.
E100 Edger Board Fence
Board Fence
The board fence makes it easy to trim boards with one straight side.


Standard Engine 14 HP Gas
Optional Engine 10 HP 3 Phase Electric
Circular Blades 10" (250 mm)
Number of Blades 2
Max. Feed Width 20" (520 mm)
Max. Cutting Width 12" (304 mm)
Min. Cutting Width 1.5" (40 mm)
Max. Cutting Thickness 2" (50 mm)
Conveyor 8" (203 mm) Rubber Belt
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